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Debbie is a seasoned Career Coach with 10+ years' experience helping hundreds of people in career transition, including professionals, executives, college graduates, and folks exiting the military.
She knows what it takes to build the tools you need to effectively find that next job. All work will be done via phone and email! She is delighted to offer different types of coaching that are flexible, affordable and designed specifically to give you the knowledge and tools to accomplish your goals.

Choose the way to work with Debbie:

Executive Coaching

Are you technically sound but need an assist managing your team, communicating with your boss/subordinates?
Are you an independent contributor needing guidance navigating business relationships and politics?
If this sounds like you or someone on your team, Executive Coaching will help to improve effectiveness in executing daily activities and duties.

Working with me will be a fun, rewarding, introspective challenge as you take control over your career and life!

As your Coach, I will….
  • listen to you and help you explore options
  • draw distinctions to help you gain clarity
  • be non-judgmental, accept your choices
  • guide you in making changes you wantfor greater success.
As a Client, you will….
  • identify and establish goals
  • make solid decisions
  • identify and eliminate bad habits
  • make transition with integrity
  • organize your time and life
  • live more of your dreams
  • be happier and healthier
Make your Career Curve grow positively...
Email or Call Debbie at 215.918.0180 to schedule a consultation.

Debbie's Nougats
Learn valuable Career tips.

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