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What Others Say

"It's people like you who give others confidence to be who they are."
- Career transition client

"Oxman has the innate ability to respond to the daily changes in our business needs, while providing a high quality of advice and counsel.  Her communication skills are excellent."
- Former COO, 4anything.com

"She has the savvy ability to understand and work within and throughout the political system inside an organization."
- Past President, Advanta Corporation

"She hit the ground running with virtually no learning curve, allowing our organization to run without interruption."
- President, Leadership, Inc.

Here's what some clients have said about Debbie's résumé work:

Thank you. You are gifted with this stuff.
-- Dave, Missouri

I am so happy with my new revised resume; you made my day! :-)
-- Lori, Pennsylvania

I can't thank you enough. I very much appreciate all of your comments, suggestions, and insights. Rest assured that I will put them to good use.
-- Richard, Colorado

Debbie did such an excellent job with my resume! I received so many responses from recruiters and companies!
-- Catherine, Virginia

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