Group Career Coaching
The advantages of group coaching include support, belonging, awareness, confrontation, vicarious learning and feedback. Coaching can help participants focus on important goals and reduce wasted time and energy.
Other advantages include:

Members can

A group leader can assess and assist members.

Common goals of group coaching are for members to solve career transition and search challenges. Effective group coaching can help members define and achieve individual goals.

A Group Coach helps members to:

Group Coaching vs. Individual Coaching
Group coaching is typically half the cost of individual coaching and may be a first resort for people who cannot afford private coaching. Yet many issues can be resolved in group coaching.

Group coaching is often more efficient than individual coaching for two reasons:

  1. People can benefit from group coaching even if they say little and only listen. They may find that they have much in common with other group members, and, as other members work on issues, they can learn about themselves.
  2. Other group members may bring up issues which one person has, but was not aware of.
Group coaching is useful for directing and focusing activity and interpreting experiences. Those who are most involved and committed gain the greatest benefit of group exercises.